Boespflug to the Mean Green 69

Loveland, OH (Dec 5, 2016) – The one thing constant in life is change. Coming off a banner Year for Hoffman Racing (HAR), winning the Team’s unprecedented 11th USAC National Sprint Car Series Championship, winning Indiana Sprint Week for 2016, the first ever Little 500 win and reaching 100 National USAC Sprint Car wins, major changes are in store for 2017.

Staying the same are the return of our major sponsor, Mean Green Cleaner & Degreaser, associate sponsors Lykins Energy Solutions, XYZ, and the addition of EZR. HAR remains an Official Military Order of The Purple Heart Race Team. What is changing? Of the five “core Team members” of HAR, only Richard Hoffman and Tim Waechter are remaining.

Dan Launderville is moving on to a business opportunity, Rob Hoffman is retiring, after a lifetime of racing, to concentrate on family and his business career in banking. Brady will not be able to run the entire schedule due to other racing conflicts and will concentrate on wing sprint cars.

“The loss of Dan, Rob and Brady necessitated a restructuring of the Team. I want to wish Dan, Brady, and my son, Rob, the best. We had one heck of a Team, as evidenced by results. Without the backing of Mean Green, Lykins, XYZ, Hoosier Tire, and now EZR, it would have been difficult to continue. As it is we are excited to carry on our legacy with Chad.

He will drive the 69 car. Chad’s career is taking off and with the addition of Davey Jones as the crew chief, that makes us a threat every night, and for our 12th USAC National Sprint Car Championship,” said Richard Hoffman, President of Hoffman Racing. The Team will be headquartered out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Chad Boespflug commented “I am looking forward to working with Dynamics Inc. Hoffman Racing. With the help of EZR we will be chasing another championship in 2017. It’s a tall feat to follow in the footsteps of their accomplishments over the years, but also a huge honor to help carry on the Hoffman Racing legacy of excellence and championship. They truly helped evolve the sport of racing.”

Chad began racing micros in 1998 in his home state of California. He graduated to sprint cars in 2004. He won the SCRA championship in 2005 and made the big move to Indiana in 2007. He became the Lawrenceburg track champion in 2011. Chad began his own team with the help of Chuck Eberhardt and Fred Zirzow and ran the entire USAC National Sprint Car schedule. They racked up 6 USAC National wins in 2016.

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Highlights of Hoffman Auto Racing’s (HAR) history include: 1929-1960 – Gus campaigned Sprint Cars and Midgets. His drivers included Eddie Sachs and Don Branson. 1964 – Gus’s son, Richard, became co-owner of the Team. 1973-1984 – HAR fielded Indy Cars, including 7 Indy 500 starts. 1989 – HAR won the first of 11 USAC National Sprint Car Championships with Rob Hoffman as the crew chief (’92,’93,’96,’97,’99,’02,’04,’08,’14,’16). With 100 USAC National Sprint Car wins and 11 National Championships, HAR has won more National races and championships than any other team in USAC sprint car history. HAR also has 7 Silver Crown wins and one USAC midget win, for a total of 108 USAC National wins. In 2003 HAR was recognized for excellence by the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives. HAR has finished in the top 3 in USAC National Sprint Car owner’s points 20 times since 1989.

Drivers from the past 87 years read like a who’s who of racing: Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Tracy Hines, JJ Yeley, Kasey Kahne, Kenny Irwin Jr., Rich Vogler, Dave Darland, Johnny Parsons Jr., Tim Richmond, Jay Drake, Brian Tyler, Robbie Stanley, Eric Gordon, Steve Butler, Jerry Coons Jr., Ryan Newman, Dave Steele, George Snider, Tom Bigelow, Shorty Templemen, Don Branson, Eddie Sachs, Bill Puterbaugh, Elmer George, Pancho Carter, Roger Ward, Andy Michener, Kyle Larson and Brady Bacon. In all, approximately 131 drivers have competed in the Hoffman cars. Of those, there are four father/son combinations: Dick and Dickie Gaines, Jim and Tracy Hines, Kerry and Dave Norris and Clark and Shorty Templemen. Two brother combinations – Larry and Steve Cannon, Pancho Carter and Johnny Parsons Jr. HAR also had a step grandfather and step grandson combination of Elmer George and Ed Carpenter.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing