Bud Kaeding Dominates Peter Murphy Classic

TULARE, Cal. (April 22, 2017) – Bud Kaeding was on a mission in Saturday night’s King of the West-NARC Sprint Car “Peter Murphy Classic” feature event at the 1/3-mile Thunderbowl Raceway clay oval, dominating the 30-lapper to take the $11,000 winner’s share.

Kaeding dedicated the win to “Outlaw” Bob Miller, explaining that, “We couldn’t come last night, so I had my wife go with me for margaritas and that may have led to more margaritas.  I’m just glad we could win this one tonight for him.”

Kaeding gunned into the lead from the front row outside and was in command throughout aboard the Williams Racing No. 0 entry.

Working forward from sixth, Carson Macedo battled up to second and tried to close the gap on Kaeding, closing to within 0.919 seconds at the stripe.

Fifteen-year-old Gio Scelzi rounded out the podium after starting on the pole with Buddy Kofoid and D.J. Netto rounding out the top five.  After capturing his first career USAC Southwest Non-Wing win earlier in the night, Kyle Hirst finished sixth with the NARC ranks.

Thunderbowl Raceway – Peter Murphy Classic Results:

Fast Qualifier: Gio Scelzi 13.801

Heat Winners: 22m-Mason Moore, 29-Willie Croft, 83-Kyle Hirst, 24-Rico Abreu

Pole Shuffle Winner: 83jr-Gio Scelzi

“B” Feature (Top 6 Transfer):  1. 22-Shane Golobic, 2. 3-Craig Stidham, 3. 00-Jason Statler, 4. 41-Dominic Scelzi, 5. 69-Brent Kaeding, 6. 33-Lucas Ashe, 7. 26-Tayler Malsam, 8. 7-Kalib Henry, 9. 12p-Scott Parker, 10. 8-Jeremy Chisum, 11. 57-Dustin Golobic, 12. 91c-Shawn Conde, 13. 28-Nathan Rolfe, 14. 98-Sean Watts, 15. 22a-Cori Andrews, 16. 7b-Brent Bjork, 17. 16-Andy Gregg, 18. 7n-Jared Peterson, 19. 10-Matthew Moles, 20. 57b-Billy Butler, 21. 56-Ryan Bernal.

“A” Feature (30 Laps):  1. 0-Bud Kaeding (2), 2. 21x-Carson Macedo (6), 3. 83jr-Gio Scelzi (1), 4. 4s-Buddy Kofoid (4), 5. 3c-D.J. Netto (7), 6. 83-Kyle Hirst (11), 7. 37-Mitchell Faccinto (12), 8. 22m-Mason Moore (8), 9. 41-Dominic Scelzi (20), 10. 29-Willie Croft (3), 11. 20-Cory Eliason (17), 12. 68-Chase Johnson (13), 13. 88n-Tanner Thorson (9), 14. 22-Shane Golobic (16), 15. 3-Craig Stidham (15), 16. 69-Brent Kaeding (21), 17. 12-Jarrett Soares (14), 18. 33-Lucas Ashe (22), 19. 00-Jason Statler (19), 20. 25-Bobby McMahan (10), 21. 75-Sean Becker (18). DNS: 24-Rico Abreu.

Photo courtesy of www.mmracingphotos.com