Day & Robinson are Leap Day Winners in California

February 29, 2020 – Keith Day, Jr., and Ryan Robinson both raced to victory lane in California 360-ci Sprint Car competition on Saturday night.

Day, Jr., captured his first career Sprint Car feature win ahead of Grant Duinkerken and Kalib Henry in King of Thunder 360’s action at Hanford’s Keller Auto Speedway at the Kings Fairgrounds while Robinson added his second win of the year by taking the checkered flag at Marysville Raceway’s Toller Memorial ahead of Andy Forsberg and Jesse Love.

The finishes:

KOT 360’s (Keller Auto Speedway at Kings Fairgrounds):  1. 22-Keith Day, Jr., 2. 67g-Grant Duinkerken, 3. 93-Kalib Henry, 4. 3k-Kaleb Montgomery, 5. 3-Craig Stidham, 6. 88v-Jace Vander Weerd, 7. 7z-Zane Blanchard, 8. 01w-Ben Worth, 9. 9s-Landon Hurst, 10. 2h-Brooklyn Holland, 11. 6c-Travis Coelho, 12. 01-Mitchel Moles, 13. 67-Vaughn Schott, 14. 67x-Britton Bock, 15. 33-Tucker Worth, 16. 5s-Mauro Simone, 17. 21-Steven Kent, 18. 5d-Connor Danell.

Toller Memorial (Marysville Raceway):  1. 14w-Ryan Robinson, 2. 92-Andy Forsberg, 3. 44-Jesse Love, 4. 21-Michael Ing, 5. 1m-Billy Wallace, 6. 88h-Heath Hall, 7. 7b-Brent Bjork, 8. 7h-Jake Haulot, 9. 71L-Korey Lovell, 10. 81-Kevin Lovell, 11. 24F-Alex Fowler, 12. 15-Pat Harvey, Jr., 13. 49-Mike Monahan, 14. 3F-William Fielding.