Hafertepe Leads Rod End Supply Winged 360 Power Rankings

The Wheatley Chronicles – Volume V, No. 13

Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (April 19, 2017) – Off to a perfect start in ASCS National Tour action, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., has moved atop the Rod End Supply Winged 360 Sprint Car Power Rankings.

Reeling off five consecutive wins as he defends his title, Hafertepe, Jr., is just six points ahead of Albuquerque native Johnny Herrera, who recently swept a Regional weekend in Las Cruces.

Winnipeg’s Thomas Kennedy has climbed to third after a recent I-80 weekend sweep with Brian Bell making the jump to fourth after topping both ends of Jackson, Mississippi action this past weekend.

Leading the initial Rod End Supply Winged 360 Power Ranking of the year, Terry McCarl has slipped to fifth with the balance of the current top ten including Mark Smith, A.J. Maddox, Travis Rilat, Wayne Johnson and Derek Hagar.

The current top 50 in Rod End Supply Winged 360 Power Rankings…

RodEndSupply black

1Sam Hafertepe, Jr.Sunnyvale, TX5140NR
2Johnny HerreraAlbuquerque, NM313427
3Thomas KennedyWinnipeg, CAN21196
4Brian BellMemphis, TN311015
5Terry McCarlAltoona, IA11081
6Mark SmithTower City, PA21012
7A.J. MaddoxTampa, FL11004
8Travis RilatForney, TX0953
9Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK09416
10Derek HagarMarion, AR29020
11Shane GolobicFremont, CA189NR
12Robbie StillwaggonBurlington, NJ28612
13Sean BeckerRoseville, CA186NR
14Danny SmithChillicothe, OH08413
15Morgan TurpenCordova, TN381NR
16Jordon MallettGreenbrier, AR077NR
17-tieAndy ForsbergN. Auburn Hills, CA17530
17-tieTony StewartRushville, IN175NR
19Terry GrayBartlett, TN074NR
20Tim CrawleyBenton, AR067NR
21Matt KurtzJacksonville, FL26617
22Justin HendersonTea, SD063NR
23Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK06231
24Marshall SkinnerW. Memphis, AR060NR
25Danny Martin, Jr.Tampa, FL05810
26Chad KemenahAlvada, OH0545
27Seth BergmanSnohomish, WA052NR
28Aaron ReutzelClute, TX05241
29Justin SandersPrunedale, CA05128
30Colton HardyPhoenix, AZ150NR
31Doug HammakerGrantville, PA249NR
32-tieJohn Carney IIEl Paso, TX049NR
32-tieSkylar GeeWhitehorse, YUK049NR
34Jason SidesBartlett, TN0487
35Shawn DonathSouth Onondaga, NY0468
36-tieMark Ruel, Jr.Jacksonville, FL14429
36-tieDavie FranekWantage, NJ144NR
38Rick ZiehlLas Cruces, NM04432
39Mason MoorePrinceton, CA044NR
40Blake HahnSapulpa, OK044NR
41Josh BaughmanOdessa, TX044NR
42Mitchell FaccintoHanford, CA042NR
43Michael MillerOcean Springs, MS04137
44Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA0419
45Carson McCarlAltoona, IA14025
46Kyle HirstLoomis, CA040NR
47Gio ScelziFresno, CA038NR
48Harli WhiteLindsay, OK03819
49Adrian ShafferYork, PA137NR
50Andy McElhannonNesbit, MS137NR

Features Completed: 61

Number of Different Winners: 45

Number of Drivers to Earn Points: 265


The Winged 360 Power Rankings are presented by Rod End Supply, which offers a wide assortment of rod ends, radius rods, and specialty products that fit the needs of anyone involved in all variety of auto racing and performance related industries including farming equipment.  More information regarding Rod End Supply is available at www.rodendsupply.com.

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Past Top Tens in Rod End Supply Winged 360 Sprint Car Power Rankings:

2016 – 1. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (10) 716, 2. Aaron Reutzel (8) 713, 3. Johnny Herrera (7) 623, 4. Derek Hagar (15) 607, 5. Mark Smith (11) 604, 6. Seth Bergman (7) 587, 7. Wayne Johnson (4) 525, 8. Blake Hahn (4) 521, 9. Jason Barney (5) 487, 10. Andy Forsberg (12) 482.

2015 – 1. Seth Bergman (13) 717, 2. Justin Sanders (20) 649, 3. Aaron Reutzel (10) 613, 4. Johnny Herrera (9) 596, 5. Wayne Johnson (5) 581, 6. Mark Smith (10) 542, 7. Derek Hagar (9) 437, 8. Andy Forsberg (11) 434, 9. Mitch Brown (6) 410, 10. Shane Golobic (5) 409.

2014 – 1. Jason Johnson (5) 626, 2. Aaron Reutzel (8) 601, 3. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (6) 510, 4. Seth Bergman (10) 501, 5. Johnny Herrera (3) 491, 6. Tim Crawley (11) 487, 7. Wayne Johnson (6) 448, 8. Tony Bruce, Jr. (4) 445, 9. Brian Brown (8) 441, 10. Jeff Swindell (4) 441.

2013 – 1. Jason Johnson (12) 699, 2. Johnny Herrera (5) 673, 3. Tim Crawley (14) 561, 4. Brian Brown (12) 537, 5. Logan Forler (8) 492, 6. Tony Bruce, Jr. (4) 488, 7. Roger Crockett (17) 479, 8. Jeff Swindell (5) 455, 9. Andy Forsberg (10) 430, 10. Steve Poirier (8) 420.

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