Hahn Banks $13K in Air Capital Shootout

PARK CITY, Kan. (March 31, 2018) – It’s been the series was founded back in 1971, the last name “Hahn” was synonymous with super modified racing back in the Kansas/Oklahoma area as one of those drivers who was the man to beat. Now, nearly 38 years after his grandfather’s last series victory, a Hahn has once again found victory lane as third-generation driver Blake Hahn claimed the eighth annual “Park City Cup/Air Capital Shootout” and the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products Saturday night at 81 Speedway.

By virtue of earning the most finishing and passing points in his heat race, Hahn started on the front row for the twenty-five-lap feature with Johnny Herrera alongside. Hahn would quickly take the lead as the green flag fell with Herrera, Wayne Johnson, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. and Brandon Hanks ns the top five after the first lap was complete.

Strong, northerly winds throughout the day kept the drivers running the bottom of the three-eighths mile oval and Hahn hit his mark each time to perfection. Even approaching a slower car with nine laps to go couldn’t slow his pace during the green to checkered feature.

In the end Hahn, aboard the Emmett and Fuzzy Hahn owned, Wesmar powered JR-1 Chassis sponsored by Griffith Truck and Equipment/CSR Garage/Smiley’s Racing Products/Parker Lee Project claimed the biggest payday in series history – to a tune of $13,000 and “PCC/ACS” and the familiar #52 back to victory lane. Just as his grandfather, Emmett, achieved with the series back in the 70’s.

Herrera settled for second while Hafertepe came home third. Hanks came home in the fourth position while Sammy Swindell rounded out the top five.

The five, ten lap heat races for the forty-eight-car field were won by Herrera, Swindell, three-time and defending series champion Jeremy Campbell, Hahn and Seth Bergman.

The two, twelve-lap “B” features were won by Terry McCarl and Brian Brown.

Officials with 81 Speedway and NCRA would like to thank Reel Medicine Insurance, Alternative Pest Management and Auto Craft for their added sponsorship on championship Saturday night.

The ninth annual “PCC/ACS” will once again be held the last weekend in March of 2019.

Next event for the NCRA 360-ci sprint car division will be on Saturday night, April 28, as the tour makes their inaugural appearance at Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore, Oklahoma in a co-sanctioned event with the NCRA Sprint Car Bandits.

NCRA Sprints

81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas

March 31, 2018

48 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Johnny Herrera, 2) Dylan Peterson, 3) Harli White, 4) Tim Crawley, 5) Cody Ledger, 6) Jamie Ball, 7) Jake Greider, 8) Wyatt Burks, 9) Ryan Roberts, 10) Brendan Mullins

2nd Heat: 1) Sammy Swindell, 2) Jack Dover, 3) Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 4) Terry McCarl, 5) Daryn Pittman, 6) Kyle Bellm, 7) J.D. Johnson, 8) Wade Nygaard, 9) Shayle Bade, 10) Don Droud, Jr.

3rd Heat: 1) Jeremy Campbell, 2) Tucker Klaasmeyer, 3) Danny Jennings, 4) Matt Covington, 5) Ryan Bickett, 6) Roger Crockett, 7) Jeff Stasa, 8) J.R. Topper, 9) Jamie Ball, 10) Bailey Elliott

4th Heat: 1) Blake Hahn, 2) Bill Balog, 3) Brian Brown, 4) Brandon Hanks, 5) Paul Nienhiser, 6) Carson McCarl, 7) Ray Seeman, 8) C.J. Hulsey, 9) Brant O’Banion

5th Heat: 1) Seth Bergman, 2) Wayne Johnson, 3) Kaden Taylor, 4) Tony Bruce, Jr., 5) Jason Martin, 6) Jake Bubak, 7) Mason Daniel, 8) Lee Grosz, 9) Randy Woodside

1st B feature: 1) Terry McCarl, 2) Matt Covington, 3) Jamie Ball, 4) Paul Nienhiser, 5) Jake Bubak, 6) Carson McCarl, 7) J.D. Johnson, 8) Wyatt Burks, 9) Wade Nygaard, 10) Ryan Roberts, 11) Mason Daniel, 12) Brant O’Banion, 13) Ryan Bickett, 14) Harli White, 15) Bailey Elliott, 16) Randy Woodside

2nd B Feature: 1) Brian Brown, 2) Jason Martin, 3) Kyle Bellm, 4) Jeff Stasa, 5) Cody Ledger, 6) Ray Seeman, 7) Shayle Bade, 8) C.J. Hulsey, 9) Jett Carney, 10) Brendon Mullen, 11) Don Droud, Jr., 12) Jake Greider, 13) J.R. Topper, 14) Roger Crockett, 15) Kaden Taylor, 16) Lee Grosz

A Feature: 1) Blake Hahn, 2) Johnny Herrera, 3) Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 4) Brandon Hanks, 5) Sammy Swindell, 6) Tony Bruce, Jr., 7) Wayne Johnson, 8) Seth Bergman, 9) Daryn Pittman, 10) Tucker Klaasmeyer, 11) Terry McCarl, 12) Jack Dover, 13) Dylan Peterson, 14) Jeremy Campbell, 15) Paul Nienhiser, 16) Danny Jennings, 17) Jason Martin, 18) Jeff Stasa, 19) Jamie Ball, 20) Tim Crawley, 21) Brian Brown, 22) Matt Covington, 23) Bill Balog, 24) Kyle Bellm
David Smith, Jr./NCRA Public Relations