Thomas on the Move as Daum Takes Lead in Midget Power Rankings

The Wheatley Chronicles – Volume V, No. 18

Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (May 22, 2017) – While Zach Daum has slipped by Christopher Bell for the top spot in the latest Midget Power Rankings, it’s Tyler Thomas that has made a big move into the top five.

While denied victory lane thus far, three runner-up finishes over the four most recent POWRi events has been just the push Daum needed to edge ahead of Bell for the top ranking by just six points.

With the Pocahontas, IL, racer taking the top spot over Keith Kunz Racing rep Bell, Clauson-Marshall Racing shoe Tyler Courtney has jumped up to third after a Mid-Missouri Nationals POWRi win at Lucas Oil Speedway with Spencer Bayston climbing to fourth in another Keith Kunz Racing entry.

Charging to victory lane in three of those same four POWRi events earlier in May propelled Oklahoma shoe Thomas from 22nd all the way up to fifth.

Rounding out the current top ten are Justin Grant, Tanner Thorson, Ronnie Gardner, Ryan Robinson and Shane Golobic.  Thorson and Robinson run the Kunz total ranked among the top ten to four with Grant and Golobic giving CMR three among the top ten.

With Jake Swanson one spot out of the top ten in eleventh, the West Coast based Six8 Motorsports team has two drivers ranked among the top 11 with Gardner eighth after picking off his second USAC West Coast Midget win of the season in recent action at Ventura.

Among those breaking into the top 25 are Logan Seavey (13th), Tanner Carrick (16th), Jake Neuman (21st), Holly Shelton (24th) and Zeb Wise (25th).

This weekend’s action consists of a POWRi West double at Airport Raceway in Garden City, KS, and a Montpelier (IN) round of competition as well.  Then it picks up with POWRi Midget Week firing off on May 31 with the first of five nights and then six nights of USAC Midget Week on June 6-11.

The current top 25 in Midget Power Rankings through May 20…

1Zach DaumPocahontas, IL01543
2Christopher BellNorman, OK41481
3Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN21337
4Spencer BaystonLafayette, IN01179
5Tyler ThomasCollinsville, OK311322
6Justin GrantIone, CA21122
7Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV01124
8Ronnie GardnerCorona, CA21015
9Ryan RobinsonForesthill, CA08712
10Shane GolobicFremont, CA1816
11Jake SwansonAnaheim, CA07713
12Jerry Coons, Jr.Tucson, AZ0778
13Logan SeaveySutter, CA07231
14Daryn PittmanOwasso, OK07010
15Brady BaconBroken Arrow, OK26911
16Tanner CarrickLincoln, CA05739
17Alex BrightCollegeville, PA15616
18Jonathan BeasonBroken Arrow, OK05623
19Tucker KlaasmeyerPaola, KS05417
20Travis BerryhillAmerican Canyon, CA15114
21Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL05137
22Cory ElliottBakersfield, CA04824
23Larry WightPhoenix, NY04415
24Holly SheltonSacramento, CA04128
25Zeb WiseAngola, IN04074

Features Completed: 32

Number of Different Winners: 20

Number of Drivers to Earn Points: 144

Past Top Tens in Midget Power Rankings:

2016 – 1. Tanner Thorson (16) 795, 2. Spencer Bayston (3) 666, 3. Carson Macedo (3) 551, 4. Zach Daum (4) 469, 5. Brady Bacon (1) 356, 6. Bryan Clauson (5) 317, 7. Chad Boat (3) 310, 8. Tyler Thomas 294, 9. Ryan Robinson 282, 10. Justin Peck (1) 273.

2015 – 1. Tanner Thorson (7) 548, 2. Darren Hagen (5) 522, 3. Spencer Bayston (5) 500, 4. Rico Abreu (9) 488, 5. Christopher Bell (8) 438, 6. Bryan Clauson (6) 422, 7. Andrew Felker (3) 383, 8. Zach Daum (3) 379, 9. Kevin Thomas, Jr. (3) 373, 10. Tyler Thomas (2) 276.

2014 – 1. Christopher Bell (16) 659, 2. Zach Daum (4) 589, 3. Bryan Clauson (10) 555, 4. Rico Abreu (5) 449, 5. Darren Hagen (6) 421, 6. Tanner Thorson (2) 411, 7. Andrew Felker (3) 313, 8. Tracy Hines (2) 304, 9. Tyler Thomas (1) 283, 10. Alex Bright (5) 244.

2013 – 1. Christopher Bell (10) 543, 2. Zach Daum (8) 504, 3. Darren Hagen (8) 415, 4. Andrew Felker (2) 406, 5. Rico Abreu (7) 402, 6. Bryan Clauson (8) 397, 7. Brad Kuhn (1) 325, 8. Tracy Hines (2) 322, 9. Ronnie Gardner (13) 280, 10. Alex Bright (3) 231.


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