Weller Tops North vs. South Shootout Round One
GASTONIA, N.C. (April 6, 2018) – Josh Weller from Merztown, Pennsylvania chased early race-leader Eric Riggins, Jr. for seven laps before making  a pass for the lead on lap eight, then raced his way  nto the www.rockauto.com USCS/URC Victory Lane in the USCS vs. URC North vs. South Round #1 at Carolina Speedway on Friday night.
Riggins from Charlotte, North Carolina tried repeatedly to get an opportunity to regain the point, but, had to settle for the runner-up spot. Young gun Justin Whittall from Southampton, New Jersey followed the duo across the line in the K&N Filters Podium Award third place. Veteran sprint car driver Danny Smith from Chillicothe, Ohio finished in fourth place and the defending United Sprint Car Series Champion, Jordon Mallett from Greenbrier, Arkansas rounded the top five finishers.
11-time USCS National Champion, Terry Gray from Bartlett, Tennessee led the next group in sixth place followed by Trey Starks from Puyallup, Washington in seventh. Starks was the Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger after starting fifteenth and advancing eight positions. The 2017 USCS Southern Thunder regional series Rookie of the Year, Scott Hunter from Concord, North Carolina was eighth. Justin Barger from Cornelius, North Carolina finished in ninth place and the 2017 USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour National Championship Rookie of the Year, Brandon Taylor from Cumming, Georgia rounded out the top ten. Twenty-four of the twenty-eight entered cars started the main event after four qualifying heats and a 12-lap B-Main event that was won by Trey Starks.
In the preliminary portion of the event, Eric Riggins, Jr. won the Engler Machine and Tool First Heat. Scott Hunter from Concord, North Carolina won the Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat, while Jeff Oliver from Pendergrass, Georgia raced to victory in the Butlerbuilt Third Heat. The FireAde sponsored Fourth Heat win went to defending USCS National Champion, Jordon Mallett. Trey Starks raced from the fifteenth starting spot on the grid to a seventh-place finish to garner the Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award. Justin Whittall from Southampton, New Jersey collected a $200 BONUS posted by FireAde and Bales Construction for earning the most passing points in the heat races. Whittall also garnered the K&N Filters Pole Award after first heat winner, Eric Riggins, Jr. pulled a zero in the K&N Poe Award inversion drawing.
The next United Sprint Car Series event is next weekend on Friday and Saturday, April 13th and 14th at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida. That event also includes the RockAuto.com USCS 600 Sprint Car Series mini sprints. For more info on Bubba Raceway Park please visit www.bubbaracewaypark.com For USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour info please visit www.uscsracing.com or call 770-865-6097.
USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters and the United Racing Club presented by Capital Renegade.at Carolina Speedway on Friday, April 6, 2018 results: .
Heat 1 – Engler Machine & Tool (8 Laps)
1. 47-Eric Riggins Jr.[3] ; 2. 63-Josh Weller[4] ; 3. 89-Robbie Stillwaggon[6] ; 4. 5-Justin Barger[5] ; 5. 5G-Curt Michael[7] ; 6. X-Dan Mazy[2] ; 7. 30-Duane Moore[1]
Heat 2 – Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat (8 Laps)
1. 1x-Scott Hunter[1] ; 2. 1s-Joey Schmidt[4] ; 3. 4-Danny Smith[6] ; 4. 20-Nick Drake[2] ; 5. 44-Trey Starks[7] ; 6. 38-Tony Agin[3] ; 7. 28-Jeff Willingham[5]
Heat 3 – ButlerBuilt (8 Laps)
1. 29-Jeff Oliver[1] ; 2. 10-Terry Gray[3] ; 3. 21b-Brandon McLain[4] ; 4. 36-Tim Perry[5] ; 5. 33-Joe Larkin[6]
Heat 4 – FireAde (8 Laps)
1. 14-Jordon Mallett[2] ; 2. 67-Justin Whittall[6] ; 3. 07-Brandon Taylor[1] ; 4. 61-Parker Evans[5] ; 5. 83-Larry Mcvay[3] ; 6. 49-Todd Hoddick[4] ; 7. 5q-Ryan Quackenbush[7]
Heo Graphics B-Main (12 Laps)
1. 44-Trey Starks[2] ; 2. 5G-Curt Michael[1] ; 3. 21b-Brandon McLain[3] ; 4. 20-Nick Drake[4] ; 5. 83-Larry Mcvay[6] ; 6. 36-Tim Perry[5] ; 7. 33-Joe Larkin[7] ; 8. 5q-Ryan Quackenbush[11] ; 9. X-Dan Mazy[10] ; 10. 49-Todd Hoddick[8] ; 11. 28-Jeff Willingham[12] ; 12. 30-Duane Moore[13] ; 13. 38-Tony Agin[9]
A-Main –  (30 Laps)
1. 63-Josh Weller[4] ; Mertztown, PA
2. 47-Eric Riggins Jr.[2] ; Charlotte, NC
3. 67-Justin Whittall[1] ; Southampton, NJ
4. 4-Danny Smith[7] ; Chillicothe, OH
5. 14-Jordon  Mallett[3] ; Greenbrier, AR
6. 10-Terry Gray[11] ; Bartlett, TN
7. 44-Trey Starks[15] ; Puyallup, WA
8. 1x-Scott Hunter[8] ; Concord, NC
9. 5-Justin Barger[12] ; Cornelius, NC
10. 07-Brandon Taylor[14] ; Cumming, GA
11. 89-Robbie Stillwaggon[6] ; Burlington, NJ
12. 23-Lance Moss[10] ; Cherryville, NC
13. 5q-Ryan Quackenbush[21] ; Goshen, NY
14. 33-Joe Larkin[20] ; Suwannee, GA
15. 83-Larry McVay[18] ; Bordentown, NJ
16. 1s-Joey Schmidt[5] ; Ellisville, MS
17. 29-Jeff Oliver[9] ; Pendergrass, GA
18. 61-Parker Evans[13] ; Owego, NY
19. 20-Nick Drake[17] ; Mooresville, NC
20. X-Dan Mazy[22] ; Jacksonville, FL
21. 28-Jeff Willingham[23] ; Ripley, MS
22. 36-Tim Perry[19] ; Mooresville, NC
23. 21b-Brandon McLain[24] ; Indian Trail, NC
24. 5G-Curt Michael[16]; Oceanview, DE
49 – Todd Hoddick, Cheektowaga, NY
30 – Duane Moore, Reevesville, SC
38 – Tony Agin, Ft. Myers, FL
58 – Nate Emig​, Dalzell, SC
USCS Sprint Car Series Race Awards:
High points qualifier: 67 Justin Whittall (collected Bales Construction and FireAde $200 BONUS)
Engler Machine and Tool First Heat: 47 Eric Riggins, Jr.
BMRS Second Heat: 1x Scott Hunter
Butlerbuilt Third Heat: Jeff Oliver
FireAde Fourth Heat: 14 Jordon Mallett
K&N Filters Pole Award: 14 Jordon Mallett
JE Pistons Top Guns Award: 67 Justin Whittall
K&N Filters Podium (3rd place) Award: 67 Justin Whittall
Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award: 44 Trey Starks
PRO Shocks Top Five Award: 4 Danny Smith
Saldana Racing Products Super Sixth Award: 10 Terry Gray
Pyrotect Racing Cells Lucky Seven Award: 44 Trey Starks
DHR Suspension 8th place Award: 1x Scott Hunter
DMI/Bulldog Rear Ends Top Ten Award: 07T Brandon Taylor