Bergman Bags Silver Cup

CHICO, Cal. (March 7, 2015) – Seth Bergman made the trek to California after being in Florida last weekend pay off by winning Saturday night’s Silver Cup finale at Silver Dollar Speedway.

The Snohomish, WA, native took command after early leader Willie Croft veered into the infield and was in command the rest of the way, taking the win ahead of Tim Kaeding with Sean Becker, Matt Peterson and Craig Stidham rounding out the top five.

“A” Main Results: 1. 23-Seth Bergman, 2. 83sa-Tim Kaeding, 3. 75-Sean Becker, 4. P37-Matt Peterson, 5. 3-Craig Stidham, 6. 18-Justin Sanders, 7. 22k-Shane Golobic, 8. 88-Tanner Thorson, 9. 21p-Robbie Price, 10. 22-Mason Moore, 11. 96-Greg Hamilton, 12. 44-Chris Martin, 13. 7c-Andy Forsberg, 14. 7k-Keny Allen, 15. 29-Willie Croft, 16. 35-Dominic Scelzi, 17. 55w-Bud Walberg, 18. 9L-Cody Lamar, 19. 45-Jake Morgan, 20. 25-Johnny Reeves.