Croft Lands First Blow in Civil War

CHICO, Cal. (March 25, 2016) – Willie Croft kicked off the 2016 Civil War Sprint Car campaign by outdueling brother-in-law Kyle Hirst for top honors in Friday night’s 30-lap feature at Silver Dollar Speedway.

With a field of 43 cars on hand, Croft battled past Hirst in the closing rounds to snare the win with Andy Forsberg, Justin Sanders and Mason Moore rounding out the top five.

Heat Winners: Justin Sanders, Steven Tiner, Mitchell Faccinto, Cory Eliason.

C Main Winner: Tony Gualda.

B Main Winner: Ryan Robinson.

A Main Finish: 1. Willie Croft, 2. Kyle Hirst, 3. Andy Forsberg, 4. Justin Sanders, 5. Mason Moore, 6. Jason Statler, 7. Robbie Price, 8.Skylar Gee, 9. Chase Majdic, 10. Geoff Ensign, 11. Mitchell Faccinto, 12. Tony Gualda, 13. Chris Martin, 14. Kyler Shaw, 15. Bryan Clauson, 16. Steven Tiner, 17. Colby Copeland, 18. Rico Abreu, 19. Cory Eliason, 20. Ryan Robinson, 21. Kenny Allen, 22. Garen Linder.